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City of Cleveland | Building Division

185 2nd Street NE


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Homeowner Contractor Affidavit

1. I verify that the above address is my primary residence and that I am the owner of the property. I am applying for a homeowner‐building permit to perform the work summarized above and described in further detail in my permit application.


2. I understand that under Tennessee law, Tenn. Code Ann. § 62‐103, a homeowner has the right to obtain a building permit to construct, enlarge and/or make other improvements for a single‐family residence in which the owner resides or intends to reside upon completion of construction. I further understand that under Tennessee law an individual, not licensed as a building contractor by the Tennessee Board of Licensing Contractors, may construct a single‐family residence for the individual’s own use – and not for resale, rent, or lease – once every two (2) years.

3. I verify that I have not applied for a homeowner permit to construct a new single‐family residence in Tennessee within the last two (2) years.

4. I certify that I live or intend to live in the single‐family residence that I am constructing or altering at this address, and am not constructing or altering the residence with the intent to sell, rent, or lease the property
or dwelling.

5. As the project’s general contractor, I understand that I will be personally responsible for the construction of all phases of the construction, workmanship and materials on the site, and for ensuring that all work complies with all applicable State and City of Cleveland codes. I understand that I may personally perform any electrical, plumbing, mechanical and/or gas installations in connection with my project provided I obtain the required permits. In the event I choose to hire or pay an individual or company to perform any electrical, gas, mechanical and/or plumbing work, I understand that any such subcontractor must be licensed in the applicable trade by the State of Tennessee and licensed thru the City of Cleveland, and must obtain a
separate permit for the installation work in the contractor’s name from the Development & Engineering Services Department.

6. I agree that if I should cease to act as the project’s general contractor and hire another individual or company to manage this project, I will contact Development & Engineering Services Department and request that my homeowner‐building permit be voided. I understand that any individual or company I hire to manage the project must have the required Contractor’s License & Insurance as required by the Tennessee Board of Licensing Contractors, and that any such general contractor must obtain a new permit for the project in the contractor’s name from the Development & Engineering Services Department before work may resume on the project.

7. I acknowledge that I will contact the Development & Engineering Services Department at (423) 479‐1913, with a 24 hour notice for inspections. I understand that it is my responsibility to call for all necessary inspections, including footing, foundation, framing, utility rough‐ins, insulation and final inspections, and to see that all work has met code and passed inspection prior to the work being covered or concealed.

8. I declare that I have read and understand the foregoing, and that all information included in my application for a homeowner‐building permit is true, complete and accurate. I understand that invalid information on my permit application or failure to adhere to the conditions set forth above may result in the denial of utility services, permit revocation, denial or loss of a certificate of occupancy and/or other legal action. I also understand that the residence for which the building permit was issued is advertised for sale, lease or rent during the construction process, the Development & Engineering Services Department may report me to the Tennessee Board for Licensing Contractors for investigation.